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Car Engine Diagnostic TestToday's vehicles are very sophisticated and depend on computers to control just about everything in your car system. These onboard computers are able to sense when something goes wrong and turn on on a dashboard light to alert you, like "Check Engine" light.

Unfortunately many motorists simply ignore engine warning lights, or attempt to fix the problem by trial and error which often results in additional component or system failures in their emission control system.

Car Engine Diagnostic Test SpecialAn engine diagnostic test will save you money by correctly diagnosing your car problem the first time!

When your car Check Engine light turns on and off, flickers, blinks, or stays on all the time, you should have an certified mechanic at 1 Stop Auto Shop run a computer engine diagnostic test.

1 Stop Auto Shop runs engine diagnostic tests on a daily basis and will know immediately what the diagnostic trouble codes mean, and how to fix your "check engine" light problem. They use the most advanced computer engine diagnostic equipment to diagnose the problem, and let you know what necessary repairs are needed.